Eco Energy System was incorporated with foreign capital for a development program in the Balkans for waste management solutions. 
The key points of waste management solutions involve:
- The increasing requests from both Municipalities and the EU, for sustainable solutions to the emergency of clean waste removal in urban centers 
- The existence of primary institutionally guaranteed contributions for disposal (Tipping Fee) paid by the Municipality to whom the above services are provided 
- The recycling of exploitable fractions such as plastics (PET - HDPE – LDPE), cans (aluminum), paper, glass, metals, etc. which have a real market 
- The production of RDF (Refused Derived Fuel) also called bio-char (bio-coal) 
- The real solution to the environmental problems of most landfills: with our exclusive technologies there are no emissions, no gas, no odors, no leachate and the least possible amounts of inerts discarded in the landfill :   < 10% of residue.

The proprietary technology developed for waste management, provides the following:

- The handling of unsorted MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE (MSW)
- The handling of HAZARDOUS waste contained in MSW
- The handling of waste similar to urban
- The handling of packaging
- The technology for the treatment of the organic fraction of the MSW in REAL TIME
- The provision of a system of selection for the recovery of exploitable fractions such as PET -   HDPE - LDPE
- The retrieval with automatic machinery of ferrous and non-ferrous materials
- The production of RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) to be used as fuel in steel mills or cement plants or incinerators to produce electricity or heat
- The packaging of the residual fractions
- The attainement of a residue gap formed substantially by no more than 10% of inerts 
- The handling and treatment of INDUSTRIAL WASTE